If you’re ready to take the reigns and finally gain control of your life and your habits, then you’re in the right place! Dawn Smith is a Board Certified, Second-Generation Professional Hypnotist specializing in profound, systemic, and rapid change. Distance is no barrier to working with Dawn as she serves form the Emerald Coast of Florida to the shores of Sydney, Australia. There is nothing standing in your way.

Your hypnotic evolution begins with you.

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Hypnosis Rapidly Empowers You To Create a Profound Shift in Your Mindset.
You Can Create Powerful And Positive Transformations In Your Life Today!
That’s Right…it’s Like the Flip of a Switch!

Here’s What You’ll Discover

1) About Your Session

Discover how your hypnosis session will unfold. Learn what hypnosis is and what it isn’t. Understand the process before we begin.

2) Achieve Your Goals

Discuss your goals and discover what’s been holding you back. Discover rapid results even when you’ve been unable to in the past.

3) Personalized Strategy

Together, we’ll create your personalized plan of action using evidenced based methods of approach and leading-edge hypnotic techniques.

4) Experience Hypnosis

Experience profound hypnosis in a verifiable way so that you know the process is working for you. Understand the change is taking place.

5) Self Hypnosis Tools

Learn self-hypnosis tools to allow yourself to take charge of your life and harness the power of your mind easily and effortlessly.

6) The Best Version of Yourself

Step into the best version of yourself, whatever that may be for you. Enjoy your rapid evolution and embrace your success.

Evidence Based Methods of Approach

My goal is to help you effectively achieve your goal with the most efficient use of your time so you don’t have to keep coming back to me over and over. Remember, your success is my success! That’s why I only use evidenced based methods of approach.

Together, you and I will implement advanced leading edge hypnosis laden in scientific research. That’s right. There are over 12,000 peer reviewed journals proving the efficacy of hypnosis.

Because everyone is different, and I want you to be completely comfortable before we begin, you’ll receive your FREE 20- Minute Phone Strategy Session to set a hypnotic plan of action to start your path to success.

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Are you ready for transformation?

You probably already know hypnosis has helped many people create dramatic and significant changes in their lives.

Are you waiting for your breakthrough? Do you want a success story of your own? It’s really simple.

The truth is… you already have the power within yourself. All you have to do is take the initiative to harness the power of your own mind.

Change truly begins with you, and I can help you get there! If you’re finally ready to step into the best version of yourself and want to create your desired success then take the next step now!