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Located in Pensacola, I serve clients along the beautiful Emerald Coast of Florida and abroad. Distance is not a barrier to private sessions with me as we have the option to work together online via Zoom while you are securely and comfortably in your own space. We will be live, face-to-face, and working on your goals in real time just like we would in person! And there is no need to travel! It’s super simple and I set you up to easily attend the session. If you’re local we can hold your session in my office in the comfy hypnotic chair!

Since I am in session most of the day, and work by appointment only, the best way for us to connect is for you to schedule your FREE 20- Minute Phone Strategy Session now. Because everyone is different, your strategy session will help us design an individualized personal plan of action to rapidly and effectively reach your specific goal. I am looking forward to connecting with you. Let’s talk soon!

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