1. How effective is hypnosis and does it work quickly?

YES! Without a doubt! Most clients see rapid results! Hypnosis has been approved by the American Medical Association since 1958 and stands upon evidenced based outcomes of scientific research! There are over 12,000 peer-reviewed scholarly journals and articles substantiating the efficacy and efficiency of hypnosis.

2. What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state. During hypnosis we shift our attention to the part of the mind where awareness resides and use it as a resource to create a state of focused awareness. This resource state allows us to focus, at the deepest levels, on the nuances of creating positive change without being distracted by internal or external influences. In other words during hypnosis we are not distracted by our own thoughts or our environment. We use this as a tool to create deep rooted change using positive suggestions related to your specific goal.

3. How can hypnosis help me?

Hypnosis is all about creating powerful and positive change. Hypnosis can help you transform almost anything that allows you to step into the best version of yourself. Hypnosis can help you stop smoking, lose weight, relieve stress a, sleep better, become motivated, remove unwanted habits, overcome fears, calm hot flashes, and even help you return to joyful living through mindfulness. If you want to discover how hypnosis can help you with your specific goal just click one of the boxes below.

4. What is the best way to contact Dawn Smith Hypnosis?

The best way for us to connect, and to avoid phone tag and missed calls, is to schedule your FREE 20-Minute Phone Strategy Session. We’ll spend about 20 minutes discussing your particular needs and goals. It’s easy and there is no charge to you! I want you to be comfortable and informed. I will explain how the process works so when it’s time for your hypnosis session you will be at ease and ready for positive change. YOU HAVE ACCESS TO MY CALENDAR! Just click the box below.

5. Will I be asleep?

No, you will not be asleep! In fact, you will be awake! You will be in a comfortable and heightened state of awareness. You will have a very focused frame of mind, and will feel greatly refreshed after your session.

6. Will I remember everything from my hypnosis session?

You will remember about the same as you would from any other conversation that you might have with a friend or loved one.

7. Can I get stuck in hypnosis?

No, you can not get stuck in hypnosis! We can and do change our state of mind all day long. For example, we can go from cooking, to driving, to reading with ease. The same goes with a hypnotic session. We can change our state of mind easily at any time.

8. Can anyone be hypnotized?

Yes, anyone can be hypnotized. If someone has the desire to and wants to be hypnotized then they can experience hypnosis. Even people who aren’t sure how it works can benefit immensely from hypnosis.

9. Is hypnosis safe?

Absolutely yes! Hypnosis is approved by The Mayo Clinic, the American Medical Association, the American Psychological Association, as well as major educational research institutions.

10. Do I have to come back over and over again?

No, you do not have to come back over and over again! The great thing about hypnosis is that it usually works rapidly! In fact, most people only see me for about three sessions depending on their goals. Autonomy is paramount. With that in mind, we will create a highly effective strategy to move you toward your goal in the most efficient use of your time.

11. What does the title CPH stand for?

I am a second generation Board Certified Professional Hypnotist, commonly designated as CPH. I am certified through the International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy. For more information about my educational background and experience please click the purple button.