Hypnosis to Sleep Better

hypnosis for sleep pensacola fl

“It’s not only about falling asleep and staying asleep, although you’ll discover how to quickly and easily fall asleep and sleep through the night. It’s about getting restorative sleep so your body and mind can heal and rejuvenate so you can function optimally and live your life in the most energetic way.”


What Clients are Saying:

June 2019

“Thank you for the best night of sleep I’ve had in many years! It’s surreal how great I feel today! I’m already looking forward to bedtime tonight knowing I can sleep!

Tracey P. from Hawaii

September 2020

“It’s been hard for me to sleep because of my irregular work schedule. After our session I finally had a sense of hope. Thank you for the amazing nights of sleep this week! For the first time in a long time I felt energized at work!

Noah K. from Florida

Here’s What You Need To Know About Your Hypnosis Session to Sleep Better

Upon meeting I explain the process before we begin hypnosis. We make sure you are completely comfortable, relaxed, at ease and have a full understanding of how your hypnosis session will unfold.

We focus on calming your mind, relaxing your body, and letting go of anything preventing you from sleeping. We identify and address your specific issues and reverse them so you can discover restorative sleep.

Together, you and I use advanced hypnosis to help drive you into a deep and sound nightly sleep naturally and without any unwanted side effects. We get rid of old sleep patterns so you can tap into the immense value of restorative sleep.

During your hypnosis session you are awake the entire time. You are in a keen state of focused awareness and in full control. You hear my voice and you remember what I say like you would any other conversation with a friend or loved one. You open your eyes and you feel refreshed, recharged, and ready to take on the day!

Like many of my clients, you become a huge fan of the process and enjoy the vast benefits of restorative and healing sleep.

Here’s a few things many of my clients discover…

  • Learn my rapid Emotional Mind Clearing method to become grounded and fall asleep faster.
  • Learn how to fall back asleep easily if you wake up in the middle of the night.
  • Discover how to interrupt and change unwanted thoughts and feelings on the spot so you are not distracted from sleep.
  • Discover how to reduce the physical sensations of stress and make your body more comfortable so sleep comes naturally.
  • Learn my proven Self-Hypnosis methods to create profound relaxation and deep sleep.